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Bob Bellizzi

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 11:01 AM, Steven M wrote:
3. I fully agree that any regular Internet user will have no trouble at all remembering a simple name like "groups.io." However, right now I am trying to set up an online group which might include some older folks, who might lack proficieincy in Internet usage, unless the name is totally conventional. I am not saying this  to detract from the huge value of this website; rather, I am highlighting how amazingly useful this website truly is. 
I would suggest that you owe and  "older folks" as referenced in you item above a real apology.
I hope to hit my 91st birthday on April  13, 2022.  It's probable that I've been  typing on computer keyboards and popping bit switches and soldering, wirewrapping etc to build software for years before your birtth.
There are many , many otcogenarians that I know who would hand you your metaphorical head if they saw that gross misstatement.

As a previous poster stated, it is most likely an educational handicap, not been taught to use  computers.
Or possibly just not able to access the instruction and or use to build proficiency.
There is another group of " I'm just too old to learn."  But in my experience they are  in the minority.

I think you should  consider adjusting your attitude towards those elders that you have been dissing.
You should look toward the more functional ones to help you in both helping those in need of education and you should take it upon yourself to offer some basic instruction to those in need.
That could take the  form of "canned" how to emails, videos on youtube, etc.
That a bit of senior advice - listen to what they are trying to tell you and use your knowledge to help them bit by bit.


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