locked Re: Answers to question re my "eGroups" suggestion; thanks for all your helpful replies. #suggestion


Steven M writes:
3. I fully agree that any regular Internet user will have no trouble at all remembering a simple name like "groups.io." However, right now I am trying to set up an online group which might include some older folks, who might lack proficieincy in Internet usage, unless the name is totally conventional. …
Unless you have research to back up that assertion, I believe you may be making an invalid initial assumption. Older people may actually tend to respect accurate names more than younger members.

Truth be known, in my too many decades as a group owner and moderator on both Y! and groups.io, I have found that any such divide tends to be by educational level and experience in writing, and not by age. Your suggestion may be creating a classification that is invalid from the start. Some of my oldest and most adept contributing members tend to be older, well-versed people.

To add a personal note to this comment, I have reached my allotted three-score and ten, and often find myself as a junior member in some very interesting and well-written discussions. Don't make age-delimited assumptions; like so many absolutes they will bite you in the ass.


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