locked Re: Answers to question re my "eGroups" suggestion; thanks for all your helpful replies. #suggestion


On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 01:01 PM, Steven M wrote:
4. I full realize that this website BEGAN as "eGroups." So that is exactly why I suggested that name. it is already rightfully ours!!!
THIS website began as Groups.io in 2014.  I'm sure that when eGroups was sold, the name went with it.  The problem now would be finding out if it's still "owned" and by whom.  Really makes no difference since Mark has said the site name won't change, but should be stated correctly.

6. I absolutely applaud Mark Fletcher, the entire team of technicians
That may be a bit redundant.  Other than Nina for documentation (who's doing a great job!), I believe Mark is still the entire Groups.io staff.

I still remain hopeful that maybe, perhaps, we could simply add the word "eGroups" to the search terms here?
In effect, you just did.  If you search the web for eGroups, it will be found anyplace it occurs that the search engines can access, such as this group.  Unfortunately, it may be #633,000 on the list, so not really helpful.


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