locked Answers to question re my "eGroups" suggestion; thanks for all your helpful replies. #suggestion

Steven M

I am replying to acknowledge and thank you for your replies. the original thread has been closed, so I will respect that. I simply wanted to clarify the following, in response to people's questions:

1. I am absolutely not a troll. the suggest was meant sincerely, in earnest, and with the best of intentions.

2. I should have been clearer; I absolutely agree we should NOT change the domain name itself. I simply meant that if we give the website a name for general usage, perhaps simply as a keyword, or as a prominent search term; even with the existing domain name in place, then that word as a keyword would lead any user to this website via a simple Google search. 

3. I fully agree that any regular Internet user will have no trouble at all remembering a simple name like "groups.io." However, right now I am trying to set up an online group which might include some older folks, who might lack proficieincy in Internet usage, unless the name is totally conventional. I am not saying this  to detract from the huge value of this website; rather, I am highlighting how amazingly useful this website truly is. 

4. I full realize that this website BEGAN as "eGroups." So that is exactly why I suggested that name. it is already rightfully ours!!!

5 Yahoo was absolutely and totally WRONG to delete Yahoo Groups so arbitrarily. it was an outrage. it was like deleting someone's private email account, times ten thousand!!!

6. I absolutely applaud Mark Fletcher, the entire team of technicians, and all of the moderator community who do so much to make Groups.io such a fantastic, amazing resource for the whole world community. you have my deepest gratitude and admiration. I want to make that totally clear, beyond any doubt. 

7. Lastly, my own history in this field was that I ran a Yahoo Group for my local community,. It was highyl active for over ten years, with over 2,000 members. The current site for that group at groups.io does not have our full past archives, so I wanted to clarify our history, for any site admins who might have glanced at my own contributions here.

I truly, truly, respect, value, and applaud the efforts of everyone here, including everyone who was kind enough to reply. I will take all your replies into account.

I still remain hopeful that maybe, perhaps, we could simply add the word "eGroups" to the search terms here? I would still like to make it easier for regular folks to find this on Google. however, this will be (probably) be the last time that I will express that suggestion. I will yield to the opinions of the community as a whole.

If anyone wishes to reply or to comment, I would welcome your input, feedback, constructive criticism, etc etc as much as you may wish. I welcome any and all replies. thanks!!  One thing, I take all your replies seriously, and will never label the thoughts or views of any rational person as "trolling." I would appreciate the same small courtesy in return. for anyone who did express that term, though, it's all good, no hard feelings at all. a little blunt feedback and response is totally fine as well; all part of the discourse. thanks!! 


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