locked Re: we need a better name for this website! so that people can remember it easily! how about "EGROUPS"?!! Please comment!!!! #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 02:12 AM, Steven M wrote:
No one remembers the name "groups.io. they forget the name ten seconds after they talk to me
Is that a problem with the message or the messenger 😉   Seriously though, a name change would impact every group and user. There are tens of thousands of groups listed in the public directory alone and the number of users must be in the millions (there are over 1 million subscribed to the Updates group alone).  It has been called Groups.io since its inception so I don't really see a name change happening. I've got members in my group of 1100+ who say they they like it; they don't it or that they wish it had other features but those are different matters. I've just never had anyone say they cannot remember the name Groups.io.


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