locked we need a better name for this website! so that people can remember it easily! how about "EGROUPS"?!! Please comment!!!! #suggestion

Steven M

hi everyone. I have a suggestion; we need to pick a much better name for this site!!! I have been trying to repeatedly tell other about this site and its great features!!! there is just one problem.... they forget the name of the site or how to find it, within  ten seconds after I have told it to them repeatedly!!

No one remembers the name "groups.io. they forget the name ten seconds after they talk to me... even if I said it to them ten or twenty times!!!

  • so here's my suggestion: can we please call this site "eGroups"?

Do you see the benefits of using this as a name?!! since that was the original name anyway!! 

How about we attach that name to this site, where it truly, truly belongs??!!! or how about we call it "iGroups"??!! either of those seem fine to me!! please reply, and let me know what you think. I appreciate any and all feedback, comments, ideas, etc.



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