moderated Re: Posting Limits #suggestion

Jim F.


I agree with your point about simplicity--and am sorry for having added bells and whistles to my suggestion.  A moderation option that would allow X posts within Y time period, and either require approval or automatically reject any excess posts, would provide 80% of what I was asking for.  Our group would probably limit posts to 15 or 20 per two-week period.  Others might limit posts to some single-digit number per day. 

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On Jan 23, 2022, at 10:31 AM, Henning Schulzrinne <henning.schulzrinne@...> wrote:

I help run a community mailing list with about 1,300 members. We don't moderate posts except for new members - just too much effort. (We do time-out members who don't abide by the rules.) We have a "three posts per day" rule for all the reasons mentioned. It would be really helpful to have a very simple auto-moderation mechanism, where the excess post would be rejected with a suitable message. There's no need for complex rules or behaviors - if the topic is still relevant a day later, the person can send their message then. We suspend the rule, by announcement, during emergency situations like after a hurricane. In general, I think simplicity wins here - you want something straightforward that allows lightly-moderated groups to function better. Even without an automated mechanism, most of the active posters have internalized the 3-post rule, so there are no great surprises.

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