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Speaking of making it similar to new-member moderation, one idea along those lines would be sort of the reverse of new-member moderation: moderate the person‘s messages after they post x messages during the time period (whether that’s a week or a day or whatever). This may not suit the OP because it creates more, not less, work for them, but it’s an idea I’m throwing out there as another possibility.

On Jan 24, 2022, at 8:50 AM, Henning Schulzrinne <henning.schulzrinne@...> wrote:

I don't think "moderator shaming" is helpful or versions of "I don't need it for my group, so nobody needs [feature X]". I see the role of platforms like to simplify the tedious aspects of moderating groups. Each group has their own history, constraints and culture; I wouldn't judge (or know) the culture and customs for your group. I do think it's helpful to work together to identify a common set of features that would be an improvement for groups that want to restrict posting frequency - and can obviously be safely ignored by those who prefer to rely on moderator actions or don't have the problem of chatterboxes. My general inclination is towards simplicity, e.g., by making it behave similar to some existing moderation feature, such as new-member moderation.

Also, false choices don't help the discussion - no, we won't abandon the group if we don't get the feature. We'd just appreciate having it.


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