locked Re: Eliminate passwords?


Well, I can think of two questions right away.

First, how could I access my account from a computer other than where my email comes?   I use an email account provided by my ISP, my email address is provided by mediacom,  and my email address is  @mchsi.com which is Mediacom High Speed Internet.

My other question is, I have a blind friend who lives close to a thousand miles away.  Sometimes I help her with her groups by accessing her account and doing things for her that as a blind person she finds difficult to do.  So, here I legitimately access an account and I do not receive her email.    How could I still do that?


On 6/30/2015 11:25 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Hi All,

A new trend seems to be to eliminate passwords in logins. See this article about Medium, which outlines the approach:

What do you think? We already have a class of users that don't have passwords - people who subscribed via email, and if they ever want to log into the website they have to either go through a social login, or go through the 'forget my password' flow. It would make things more consistent to just say that nobody has a password. To log in, if not through Facebook/Google, then simply enter your email address and you'll be emailed a link to log in.


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