moderated Re: #suggestion Need a way to disable the option for members to subscribe to only special messages #suggestion

dave w

As a long time (25+ years) group/ email admin etc. I consider this suggestion that only panders to 'wants' and ignores needs very unfortunate.

>>Why? Why does it have to still be there, in the case (as with the OP) where they plan to send no special notices anyway?<<

-Because there has to be an override possibility for Admins/ Owners to contact people, regardless of their day to day wishes.
-Because it is an administrative function, and one day someone will find a need to use it.
-Because [many] people like me whose preference IS NO MAIL, read the damn groups on line and avoid all these hassles that others enjoy being tangled up in.
-SO I do not miss out on others email at all, whether admin notices or irrelevant topics.
-Hen-pecking at 'features' that otherwise have little impact isn't particularly use of productive time. But when needed, you will welcome the 'freedom to use' the option.

I for one do not support or encourage any such change.

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