moderated Re: Posting Limits #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 06:00 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I have thought about in the past offering some sort of function to set specific members, or to have a group policy in general, that if multiple messages from the same person to the same topic occur within N minutes, without any intervening posts from others, to automatically combine those into one message.
I'm not sure how that would work without introducing the equivalent of the notification combiner which delays the issuing of messages. Personally, I find that combiner frustrating, especially when testing features.

I would personally set that as a group policy for beta, for example. Would something like that be useful to anyone else (other than the original poster)?
It's not something I would like to see. If someone is posting too many messages to a group, there are other Moderator options to deal with that.  If a Moderator is unable or unwilling to do that then they probably have the wrong job.


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