moderated Re: #suggestion Need a way to disable the option for members to subscribe to only special messages #suggestion


This was discussed several years ago when was just getting sorted out. Yahoo's imminent shipwreck left a lot of groups with the "no email" option unable to let some members know what was happening. As a result, some groups lost members in the transfer who didn't check the web page regularly. So it was decided that group owners could have the option to require members to at least sign up for special notices.
= Note that this can be turned off by simply unchecking "Disable no email". =
If you're sending out more than one or two special notices in a year, you're either having a very disrupted year or you don't understand the purpose of special notices. For important things that aren't that critical and wouldn't leave a member stranded or lost I simply put =[ADMIN]= at the start of the subject line and that serves the purpose.
Your mileage may vary.
Bill Hegardt writes:
For group owners who do not post any special messages, there should be an option to prevent group members from subscribing to only receive special messages since then they will receive nothing via email.

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