moderated Re: #suggestion Need a way to disable the option for members to subscribe to only special messages #suggestion


On Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 10:04 AM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
I see no reason why this suggestion is a bad one.
So is the suggestion, for the case where the group has not disabled "No Email," that the "Special Notices Only" choice be left out? And in the case where the group has disabled "No Email," the "No Email" choice be left out (as it is now)? I think that would be weird. Even if no special notices are sent currently, that may change at some point, as someone pointed out. And then there'd be no way to reach group members. If that change is made, perhaps the whole Special Notice feature in the group should be disabled, because it would be useless (and misleading, since making a message a Special Notice would have zero effect).

My gut feeling is this is not a great idea.

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