moderated Re: Posting Limits #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 07:14 PM, Peter Cook wrote:
It seems to me this at this point that there is much (well-intentioned) repetition and beating of dead horses.
Sadly that may well be true.

Jim F: in a post earlier today you wrote It seems harsher on the posters, who would not even know that their posts aren't getting through.

Why do you seem to consider the feelings of the "miscreants" more than those of the wider ("well behaved") membership? I may be mistaken but this seems to run through your various posts. They have (from your account) not lived up to the agreement to moderate their own conduct, but you seem opposed to taking any action using the tools that are available to you, and seem more concerned about not upsetting them while fed - up group members leave or take themselves off email delivery out of sheer frustration with what is going on. IMHO you are letting your wider membership down badly.

Again IMHO asking Mark to provide a technical solution to the problem is simply wrong, not least because (at the risk of repeating myself) you have shunned the idea of using what exists at the moment without even trying it. Now I have no idea whatsoever what Mark's view of this request might be, but consider this: what are you going to do if he decides not to provide what you have requested? You will still have the problem and will be no closer to a solution.  

The likely outcome? As Barbara stated: Exodus of the members and group eventually finished as everybody who enjoyed the group as once was had left…

Is that what you want, because I really think you are risking it.


(Yes I know this post is probably not in the spirit of the Group Charter but I am getting more than a little frustrated myself... sorry!)

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