moderated Re: Posting Limits #suggestion

Bärbel Stephenson

It is a very difficult situation you find yourself in.

From experience I can tell you that you might just have to risk upsetting those 2 members or risk losing the group.

Thinking of many years ago (years before the end of yahoo groups) I was in a much loved group with most members actively involved with posting.  Then 2 new people joined and started posting excessively and probably looking for problems.  Several members pleaded many times with the owners/moderators to do something.  This was declined saying that these 2 people had their rights to post etc etc.

What happened?  Exodus of the members and group eventually finished as everybody who enjoyed the group as once was had left…


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On Jan 14, 2022, at 8:57 AM, Tommy Meehan <tmeehan0421@...> wrote:

I agree, seventy plus messages from two members is too much. Right now, the only way to mute them that I know of would be to moderate them and choose 'not allowed to post.' The only other solution would seem to be announcing a limit on messages posted per day. Then delete everything over that limit.

But if appealing to the members, asking them to essentially self-regulate doesn't work, if other members won't chime in with support, then what can you do?


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