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Paul Gray.  You speak absolute sense.  If you run a group you take on the resp[onsibility over what is published irrespective of legal requirements that vary across borders anyway.

Its that lack of responsible management that has ruined social media though their motives were not to provide a friendly platform for users.

We monitor who joins, no one can hide behind an alias.  Any post that look offensive or inappropriate is blocked, etc.

No compromise.

Our group was on Egroups, then Yahoo and now here and we have hardly had any issues to deal with.  People know the rules and genraly abide by them without constant reminding.


Good words.


John Wirtz



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In all things, there's one thing to remember:  you are the Moderator, essentially the police officer of your Group.  If you are the Group Owner, you have the final say in all matters pertaining to the Group.


I have found that the best thing to do (for me, anyway) is to post a monthly message, at the beginning of the month, which contains the Group's rules and posting guidelines.  After that, Members will KNOW what the rules are and what's expected of them, and what could happen if a Member violates the Forum Rules.


If you have more than one Moderator, one thing you could do is delegate specific responsibilities/tasks to specific Moderators, so that you, as Group Owner, don't have to do everything yourself (you still have, as Group Owner, the final say in all matters if a conflict arises).  The Members of my Group generally behave and police themselves, so there is often little for me to do.


Remember, it is your Group, you have the final say about "what goes" within your Group.  And always remember to put your pride into your pocket when dealing with miscreants, to ensure emotions/feelings do not get in the way of your duty.



-- Paul Gray.


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