moderated Re: Posting Limits #suggestion

Jim F.


We choose a new topic every two weeks with the online discussion leading up to a video meeting (although the two excessive posters don't attend the meeting).  For our last three topics the online totals were:

125 posts from 10 people, including 77 from two people. 

107 posts from 9 people, including 72 from the same two people. 

128 posts from 8 people, including 72 from the same two people. 

Of course it varies by day, with no posts sometimes for days at a time, but often you can get 5-10 posts/day from the same two people for several days running. 

We used to have more posters (and fewer posts), but I think that many of them felt drowned out and just gave up. 

Best regards. 


On Jan 13, 2022, at 9:14 AM, Tommy Meehan <tmeehan0421@...> wrote:

Jim I don't think you stated this but how many posts a day are you talking about?


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