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On Wed, 12 Jan 2022 12:14:34 -0800, "Jim F. via"
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It would be very helpful to have a moderation function that would hold a moderated person's posts during the day and then automatically distribute them at a set time (say, 6 PM) each day.
You already effectively have that by moderating these people's posts, then
checking at 6 PM and deciding if they've reached their limit and whether to
approve or reject their posts.

This seems like something only very few people would use and for that reason, I
doubt that Mark would spend the time to implement such a function of posting
limits on # of posts per week or one to hold all of moderated person's posts
until a certain time.

If there were a need for this across many groups, it might be something he would

If there's only a couple of people doing this excessive posting, then why not
address the problem people and not try to do it through a group function? Train
them by moderating their posts up to the limit then rejecting them. You could
create a custom rejection message and make it look like it's an automatic
function, pasting it into the rejection message. But first announce to the group
that you are going to be testing a function (they don't need to know it's not
automatic and it's you doing it) to limit posts to so many per week.

Then put the two or so people on moderation and keep count.

If you're going to hold everyone's post until a certain time of day, moderate
everyone, then, assuming you trust all but two people, approve all posts except
those posts from the problem people at that time, then those from those people
up to the limit you set.

You could instead just ban the two people for not following your rules after
several warnings. That seems to be a much simpler approach. You could tell them
what you're doing--or not. If you tell them this is a last warning and then ban
them, they could always ask for forgiveness and you could decide if you want to
try them again.

If people act like children and don't follow the rules, perhaps they need to be
treated as children and have a time-out. You could just turn off posting for
them for a week as an alternative. If you let personal feelings get in the way
of you taking action, perhaps you're the one hurting the group? Don't be afraid
to take action. It's your group, and it's not a democracy. You set the rules,
not them. They have to follow them or else.

Donald KX8K

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