moderated Posting Limits #suggestion

Jim F.

I moderate a site for a philosophy discussion group.  Unfortunately we have a couple chatterboxes who treat it as their personal blog and post multiple times daily.  We could moderate their posts but that would be too much work and raise censorship concerns; and we don't want to cut them off completely.  (After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.) 

It would be very helpful to have a moderation function that would hold a moderated person's posts during the day and then automatically distribute them at a set time (say, 6 PM) each day. 

It would be even more helpful if such a moderation function could be automatically triggered after the person posted a threshold number of posts within a set time period (weekly, for us), and then be automatically reset at the end of that time period.  (So the daily hold would only apply after the person had posted, say, 15 times that week, and then the count would start over again the next week.)

For us it would be better for such limits to apply to all of a person's posts, rather than by topic, because some members often seem to accidentally start new topic threads on the same subject.  (We could limit the creation of topics but that would cause frustration and complaints, so we just clean them up afterwards.)

Thanks for a great site.  Best regards.

-Jim F.

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