moderated Re: Provide option to disable ability of members to delete their posts #suggestion


On Sun, Jan 9, 2022 at 04:35 PM, Donald Hellen wrote:
I thought that a person who was removed from a group could contact Mark and be
able to delete their old messages if they chose to do so? Or that there was some
mechanism they could use for this.

That SEEMS like an extreme case, that Mark would not likely do except in extreme circumstances.  The individual member is not a paying subscriber, after all, and it probably takes some effort on Mark's part to locate and delete their old messages.  Unless there is a legal requirement, I have to think that Mark wouldn't do this just because a former member asked him to do it.

There used to be a lot of history (in the USA at least) about publisher's rights and responsibilities, well before the Internet age.  I don't know how much of modern law leverages off of it or departs from it.


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