moderated Re: Provide option to disable ability of members to delete their posts #suggestion


On Sun, Jan 9, 2022 at 11:11 AM, D R Stinson wrote:
I suspect the best way to preserve such evidence is to ... save all the messages from a group, perhaps as full featured digests...

You would also need to disable Editing of messages.  If someone Edits an existing message and doesn't send it out again, nobody would receive it with the edits, so their saved archive would not be correct.

It's a complicated situation.  And so far I think we are only talking about dealing with POSSIBLE consequences, without knowing if or what may be the actual problem.  If someone writes something, and then is removed from the group, we have denied him/her the right to delete their own message.  Therefore, what was said about "cannot restrict a message owner from deleting their own written works" is not actually true.


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