moderated Re: Provide option to disable ability of members to delete their posts #suggestion



>>> I'm sure I have at least one moderator who keeps digests.  I hope.

You can setup an archive gmail account and have it get everything (from now on) from the group, it'll be there for evidence if needed in the future.

>>> disallowing members from deleting heir own posts
I could be wrong on this (not all that knowledgeable on it) but another reason this won't happen is GDRP, right?  Wouldn't the ability of the [mod/group/GIO] to restrict the user's data deletion by the user themselves run afoul of it? 

>>> doesn't flag moderators/owners when someone deletes a post.

Like J said, you're really asking for having mode message-deleted notification.  That message can be part of the evidence, the rest would be the original email from the backup account mentioned above.


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