moderated Re: Allow Users to Disable Email Address Truncation on Website #suggestion

Donald Hellen

Noah . . .

On Wed, 05 Jan 2022 13:13:53 -0800, "Noah Carver" <noahcarver494@...>

I was advised that this truncation is controlled by group owners only. I would therefore request that the ability to control email address truncation be made available to a group's members as a global setting within settings. This way, group owners can prevent scrapers and bots from scraping email addresses from archives, however legitimate group members can compose emails to email addresses provided within messages using their mail clients with no difficulty.
How then would you prevent scrapers from joining the group, changing the
setting, then scraping email addresses from the group?

A scraper would be "seen" by the platform as a legitimate member as there is no
way to verify a person's intent on what they will do in the group.


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