moderated Re: add "unrejection" feature (similar to "unban") #suggestion


Someone else suggested that. Not talking about an automatic rejection. And how the pending member is or is not going to respond is not known a priori. I’m certainly not going to Claim all pending membership and let them accumulate.

I’m not inclined to argue this feature. Mark will either do it or not. It would simply be an added convenience.

I do think there’s something funky - perhaps could even be described as buggy - about the fact that the same account (email address), once rejected and subsequently direct added, appears in the Past Memberx and Members lists with completely different data in each list.

On Jan 5, 2022, at 7:04 PM, Michael Pavan <michaelpavan@...> wrote:

"Claim" the Pending Member (to stop the automatic Rejection after 14 days of no Moderator action) if you are going to 'tentatively set up other aspects of their page'.

On Jan 5, 2022, at 4:48 PM, J_Catlady <j.olivia.catlady@...> wrote:

Sometimes we reject a pending member because they fail to complete our questionnaire either in time, or in enough detail, etc. Meanwhile, we usually tentatively set up other aspects of their page - display name, some parts of their signature (which includes most of the answers from their questionnaire about their cat's medical history), etc. When they're rejected, everything goes away except the activity log. If they subsequently complete the questionnaire, or later decide to answer the rest of the questions they missed, we have to redo their membership page from scratch.

I know that a workaround consisting of "do nothing until they adequately respond" is reasonable, but sometimes - often - it's possible to start the setup process before everything is complete. And then later it's all lost. And to get them back in, we have to Direct Add and resurrect all of the information. So it would be nice, if not to onerous to implement, to be able to save more than the activity log for rejected members, and allow us to "unreject" a previously rejected member.


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