moderated Re: Allow Users to Disable Email Address Truncation on Website #suggestion


It should make no difference if I receive an email containing addresses using my email client or the website so long as I am the member of the list. I would understand your privacy concern if I wasn't a member of the lists in question and was requesting an exception on that basis, however I am a member. I believe that it isĀ  unreasonable to prevent legitimate members who choose to use the website rather than their mail clients from accessing email addresses which are purposefully provided in a message due to privacy concerns which don't seem to make sense. How is it more private to receive an email containing contact email addresses in GMail, but not private to receive these same messages in's interface? There should not be a double standard for those who choose to receive list emails in their inbox and those who choose not to receive them there. I understand redacting email addresses in public archives, but I don't understand redacting addresses for members viewing the archives. Can you explain your rationale for allowing group owners from redacting addresses from members and nonmembers alike?

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