moderated Allow Users to Disable Email Address Truncation on Website #suggestion


To Whom it May Concern,

I am a member of several groups, however I elect not to receive emails to my email address. Instead, I manage all groups via the website so that I can keep my inbox clean while participating in email groups.

I am subscribed to at least two groups which send out daily event schedules. Each daily message  contains the email addresses of several event coordinators, staff members, etc., however the website truncates them. As a result, I am unable to send emails to the coordinators  without receiving the group's messages in my inbox in some form, which is something I am unwilling to do as I already receive a large number of emails and don't wish to add to the pile.

I have emailed Group_Help to enquire if this feature is already available, however I was advised that this truncation is controlled by group owners only. I would therefore request that the ability to control email address truncation be made available to a group's members as a global setting within settings. This way, group owners can prevent scrapers and bots from scraping email addresses from archives, however legitimate group members can compose emails to email addresses provided within messages using their mail clients with no difficulty.


Noah Carver

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