moderated Re: Members - Filter multiple choices do something funny #misc


On Sat, Jan 1, 2022 at 06:36 PM, Andy Wedge wrote:
It's doing what it's designed to do.  The options on the filter list are grouped and separated by a horizontal lines. Options within the same group are logically 'OR'd so selecting Not Confirmed and Bouncing will give you those members that are 'Not Confirmed' OR 'Bouncing'.    The different groups are logically 'AND'd so selecting Not Confirmed and Banned will list those that are 'Not Confirmed' AND 'Banned' which is why you see a subset of those that are just 'Not Confirmed'.

Well, that was what I first thought it might be.  But that is not what actually happens.

Checking "Banned" and "Bouncing" gives me a large number of names, larger than either "Banned" or "Bouncing" alone, so it might be "Banned" OR "Bouncing".  You say it should be AND, but it appears to be OR.  I can't explain that.  Furthermore, the combined list does not have at least names from one of the lists, so it is not even an OR of the two lists, either.  I don't know what it's doing.

Checking "Banned" and "Not Confirmed" gives me a small number of names, smaller than either "Banned" or "Not Confirmed" alone.  But they are not the names of members that are in both lists (which would be an AND).  They seem to be a subset of names from one list only, and not part of the other.  That is not an AND.

That's why I wrote this.  The behavior seems unpredictable or contrary to what it seems like it should be doing.


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