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Judy F.

Ian and others, I don’t want to turn this into a debate, but I don’t think you really understood what I said.  I have commented several times what a great job Mark is doing with Groups.io and also mentioned that doing the beta was great and smart.   I have said many times if Yahoo Groups had done a beta with users from various types of groups, it would be a lot better than it is now.


I didn’t say there wasn’t anything wrong with the old Yahoo Group, I learned a lot by being a member of the Group Owners group that Shal has  and there I learned that it was being kept together in bits and pieces.  What I said others were saying is why make the new Yahoo Groups, i.e. Neo look like other social media. 


I am not very technical so I probably look at things from a different perspective.  I understand that with Neo, some members have a hard time using their phones, tablets, even their computers in some cases,  and it’s good that groups.io will allow them to use these devices.  So don’t make it sound as if I am putting groups.io  down because that is far from being true.   I am just asking that it not be a Facebook or Google Groups 2, especially with the likes, etc.    


If those of us that don’t agree with something that is being discussed can’t offer our opinion without being chastised, then we are in trouble.   



Judy F.

SW Florida - USA


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I ask this because members on a lot of the groups that I belong to feel that Neo is sort of a copy of Google Groups/Facebook.  That’s the big complaint on the groups now, ‘what was wrong with the old Yahoo Groups’ that it had to be changed to look like the other social media. 


Dear Judy,

"What was wrong with the old Yahoo Groups?" - well, even those totally devoted to the old UI must concede that the old Yahoo Groups was so full of patched and buggy heritage code that it needed rewriting. It's a pity that Melissa's lot went about the way they did, instead of a consultative phase that listened to people and incorporated the better features of the old groups and other groups such as Google Groups and FB, together with the introduction of new killer features that perhaps people didn't realise they wanted.


I personally am very encouraged by the approach that Mark is taking toward Groups IO. He's clearly got the expertise to create a sympathetic alternative to Yahoo but is using a lot of time that could otherwise be spent coding in listening and replying to people like us who have suffered under Yahoo. I wish him every success in the creation of a group server that can be easily sold even to those most resistant to change.





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