moderated Re: Reply To: #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Tue, Dec 21, 2021 at 02:22 PM, billsf9c wrote:
I often wish, as both owner and/or member, that in addition to Reply to Group and Reply [Private] to Sender, that I could Reply to Owners/Mods, from ANY post, rather that just writing the owner.

Many issues with a post are best served by advising all Owners & Mods at once, making their conversations behind the green curtain all the quicker.
I can also see the merit of this, if provided as an option in group settings. 

For my own groups, I wouldn't want "reply to Owner" (or whatever we would call it) to appear in an email footer link or an online destination pick-list. Most of my subscribers are blissfully ignorant that such a role exists, and having it suddenly appear might lead to some confusion and/or misdirected messages.

It also serves as a way for members to more properly vent, OffList, about a post, member or issue.
If they want to complain about someone, they can still use the "report this message" function ( I acknowledge that this form of "venting" may be a little extreme.  :-)


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