moderated Re: Deleting a pending message should say "pending message" in the Activity Log #suggestion #done



It makes no difference how the pending message was deleted or rejected, nor whether the member was banned or not banned or removed or not removed.

The whole point of my suggestion is this: to add the word "pending" to the entry in the Activity Log.

I'm happy that you have a better picture now of the background behind these events, but I believe it does not matter.  If a pending message gets deleted or rejected by any means, I'm asking that the activity log include the word "pending", so that we know it was a pending message.  Simple enough?  The "Actions" filter for the Activity log has separate entries for "Deleted message" versus "Deleted pending message", so I think it stands to reason that the lines in the Activity log also should differentiate between regular messages and pending messages by using the word "pending" when it was a pending message that went away.


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