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Cherrill <cdjamieson@...>

I did not have any trouble joining your group.  I have not looked completely over the website as yet; but I see there are quite a few groups already there.  At some point, I suspect those groups will have to be categorized to make it easier for people to find the type of group they want.  

I have small yahoo groups and generally no one is on digest; but we do use the calendar so that will be a nice addition.  We do put up pictures often as well.

thank you for going to so much trouble to open up a better option to whatever it is yahoo groups are presently doing to everyone.

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On Oct 10, 2014, at 11:15 AM, Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:


There have been several new subscribers to beta in the last couple of days. If you're one of them, welcome! I'm always looking for feedback about groups.io. Did you have any issues registering/subscribing? Are there parts of groups.io that are not clear? I want to hear about it.

A quick update: digest subscriptions were added on Wednesday. I haven't announced them yet, because I'm still tweaking them a bit. They're a little different than 'normal' digests, in that, anything you've muted (threads or hashtags) will not show up in the digests. So, everybody's digest will be a little different, depending on what they've muted.

Also, several improvements have been made to the website when viewing it on mobile devices. Viewing it on a phone isn't a great experience yet, but it's better than before. And it's something that'll be continuously improved.

I'm also currently working on calendar events, polls and sign up sheets.


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