moderated Re: Chrono order is reversed when you click on new selection criterion in activity log #bug


The files section is usually in reverse chrono order (latest first).

Actually, it is initially in ascending name order.

What do you mean by "usually"?

If you meant that the Files section usually goes to reverse-chrono order the first time Uploaded is clicked, I think that would be incorrect because I think it has always worked the way it does now, starting with ascending order with the first click.

When you click on a column, it reverses. That should not happen.

Well, yes it should; but I may have incorrectly taken what you wrote out of context.  Clicking on a column that is not already sorted, puts it into ascending order by that column.  Clicking on a column that is already sorted, reverses the order.  That's how it should work.

I can’t see any conceivably reasonable scenario where you’d want the years-old files to be listed first.

For consistency?

One thing that bothers me about, is its constantly changing landscape.  I like consistency.  I'm an old fart.  :-)

But seriously, this is what I expect.  It never bothered me before, and it doesn't bother me now because it seems natural.  There is a certain consistency to having all the columns work the same way.


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