moderated Re: Message to Member Anomaly #misc

Pete Cook

On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 12:34 PM, Peter Cook wrote:
I'm glad this is being discussed because thisĀ just came up for me this morning. A rather sensitive message I sent to a subscriber (as me, not as the owner account) is now in the activity log for all moderators and owners to see, and I strongly prefer it not be there. Similarly, I don't need to see any other private messages sent by other owners or moderators.

If I had chosen to send this as the owner, I can see why one might want it to be logged, however.

I don't know whether this topic constitutes a consensus, but I'm still seeing personal messages from me to members being logged. I'd really like to see this changed so private messages sent via the group are logged only if the sender chooses to send it as a moderator.


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