moderated Re: Erratic behavior of Merge Topic #bug


I was just commenting because the way you put it struck me funny. :-) 

I don’t use Meege any more because the email threads stay separate and people keep replying to both. Merging was becoming Sisyphysean (sp). 

BTW if you don’t like the appendages, you can set your entire group to MF so that any new topics are automatically moderated (just like in beta), allowing you to fix the title before the message even goes through.

On Nov 22, 2021, at 2:37 PM, Andy <AI.egrps+io@...> wrote:

I have come to "love" (?) the Merge function.  We have some members in our group whose replies come with extra appendages in the Subject line, and this causes them to be separate Topics in the group.  I prefer keeping them together, so that anyone can read one Topic and see the whole thread in one place, rather than scattered and difficult to follow.



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