moderated Erratic behavior of Merge Topic #bug


I have had a few instances where the "Merge Topic" function behaved oddly, like it should not do.

Just now, I used it, and there was no pop-up dialog at the last step asking for confirmation.  It just went ahead and merged the topics after I chose the "Merge into" topic.  (As it happens, I was hoping to see that dialog box this time, so that I could verify that I had selected the right two topics to merge.)

A week or two ago, I had two cases where I changed my mind and chose "Cancel Merge" before the second step.  But the merge sequence didn't cancel.  I was able to complete the merge without re-initiating it, just by selecting a "Merge Into".  IIRC, this happened twice; but when I try it again, then or now, it doesn't happen anymore.  So it is erratic.


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