moderated Re: Whole lotta messages going into spam this past week #misc

Marv Waschke

I use web gmail for my email client and several email services (including the dread comcast.) The gmail client pushes some emails into my spam folder every few weeks. I opt for digests rather than individual emails, which keeps the numbers low. I don't recall having all gio email stuffed in spam for any long interval, usually it's only 2 or 3 out of the half dozen or so digests I get a day. Sometimes no gio emails will be designated spam for weeks, then there is a clump. This week was clumpy.

Google must have an AI tool that changes continually and gio drifts in and out of its cross-hairs. Another reminder that we were evacuated from Camelot some time ago. But it's not the Slough of Despond either. Fake Amazon bills and love letters from foreign princes in need of gift cards for prosthetics hardly ever appear in my inbox any more.

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