moderated Whole lotta messages going into spam this past week #misc


This may be related to Sarah’s issue of not receiving an email: today I noticed that I was missing bunches of important group emails from my group - a member’s response to a pending membership questionnaire (I sent her a resend), a reply to a group message by a new member whom I was surprised I hadn’t heard from yet (and was about to ask whether she’d received the messages), and more. Then I saw my junk folder and it was all in there and I moved everything to my inbox.

I mention this because in (5+?) years of running my group on, as crazy as it sounds, I don’t ever recall a message going into spam before. (I know it’s happened to some of my group members, because every so often they’re spam-removed.) And I mention it also because I wonder whether it’s now happening a lot to other people as well, including possibly Sarah.

I particularly have never had a response to a pending membership email go into spam.


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