moderated Re: Edit: save and send to group function #bug

Sarah Procter Abbott


Thx for your reply.

In answer to your qus below:

1.  Yes, my edited message appears (edited) in the archive, still under it's original # no. 

2. Yes, it shows on the activity log as "edited message" via web

3. Just after I did the "save and send" twice for the edited message, I sent other messages (also via web) which showed up immediately. Only the "send" part of the edited "save and send" isn't going through.

4. In the activity log it just shows edit, not send.

5. I can't find a separate "most recent successful delivery" section of the Groups.

6. I've just tried again using a different day and different browser but have just the same problem still. I edit the old post, click "save and send". It gets saved but not sent. When you tested it out, are you sure you did exactly the same? If so, it's a really annoying mystery and I need to use this function a lot in the next few weeks. (I had never tried it before).

Thx for your help. Yes, after posting here I wrote to GMF as I thought I might have posted to the wrong group!


>When I edit old messages and save the edit, it works fine. However, when I edit and click the "save and send to group" option, the messages are not being sent to the group.
When you say not being sent to the group, does your edited message appear in the Archive? Did you check your Activity Log as suggested by Chris when you raised this on GMF? Also, have you checked your email delivery history just after you did the "Save and Send"?  If details of that message are in the "Most Recent Successful Delivery" section then has delivered the message to your mail provider and it's between you and them to sort out.  If a reference to the message appears in either Unsuccessful or Bounces section, the the details there will guide your next steps.  As I mentioned on GMF, I tested this on one of my groups and it worked OK for me.



Thx for y

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