moderated #bug Searching phrases with quotation marks breaks the search pagination and sorting #bug

Matt Pilz <info@...>

When searching any group from the website, enclosing a phrase in quotation marks will only retrieve the first page of results.

As soon as you attempt to use the pagination or change the sort order (e.g., click "Date" or "Next") the search breaks and no results are returned, even if there are many pages of matches.

The quotation marks are being improperly converted to HTML entities within the query and are then added as part of it, so "Example" becomes %22Example%22 and then THAT becomes %2522Example%2522 within the query string, therefore returns no results.

Search (Page 1 - Works):

Clicking Next (Page 2 - Broken):

This complicates searching for particular phrases on groups.

Thank you,


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