moderated Re: For topics that are both locked and moderated, display both icons #suggestion


>>> Currently, a topic that's both locked and moderated displays only the locked icon. But unless and until the change allowing mods to reply to locked topics is undone, I think topics that are both locked and moderated should show both icons. 

I agreed to that, it is a display consistency issue and a couple of other issues I already mentioned back then.  "Moderated" is just another property, just like "Locked", "Sticky", etc.  If "Locked" meant topic is really locked and nobody can post to it, then the way the display works now would be fine.  But admins are allowed to post to locked topics currently, so the "Moderated" icon should also be displayed if ON, even if it doesn't make that much sense to regular members, it does for admins, currently anyway.

>>> I vaguely recall some conversations here about these icons ...

Yes, serendipity, what was old is new again, whatever one wants to call it, that was my topic,, but nothing came out of it as more or less everyone was against it. But regardless of that, I'm glad you changed your mind and joined us in the Bark Side.


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