moderated Re: Photo Size vs Photo Load Time #misc

Mike Hanauer

I'm looking at the photos via web, photos, using Chrome.

The ones that were there before I changed to:
Members can view, moderators can upload
Who can view and upload to the group photos section.

Max Size In Photos Section
Resized to a max of 488x488
Automatically resize photos uploaded to the photos section that are larger than a specific size.

Are about 1 meg. the newer ones uploaded after the 488x488 change are about 150kB
Yet the older ones display much faster even though at least the file size is < 1/5 the size.

Love some insight here?  Thanks.

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On Monday, November 15, 2021, 11:57:10 AM EST, Andy <ai.egrps+io@...> wrote:

Are you downloading the photos, or displaying them in the webpage? might be taking longer to re-scale and image the file for you on the fly in your web browser.  It might be faster to just right-click Download and open it in your computer instead of the browser.

Bear in mind -- my use of "download" may not be the same as yours.  When I say "download" I mean transferring it as a file to my computer.  When I open or display an image in the web browser, that is not what I would call a "download".


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