moderated Re: Message to Member Anomaly #misc


On Thu, Nov 11, 2021 at 1:54 PM Chris Jones via <> wrote:
If an owner (or moderator) sends a message to a member with the member's entry in the Member List as the starting point then the resulting Message appears in the Activity Log. This is the method described in the Owners Manual, albeit without any reference to the Activity Log.

However, if the same owner / moderator sends the same message to the same member with the starting point being the "Email" tab in the Member Profile then there is no record placed in the Activity Log.

I have not labelled this as a #bug because I suspect that this behaviour may be deliberate, but it is not necessarily expected that the two methods will have different results.

Right. The Email button in a member's profile page can, depending on permissions, be used by other members. It's meant as a DM type service, and is subject to rate limiting to prevent abuse. This is different from a moderator using the 'Send Message' button in a member's subscription page.

I don't have a particular opinion on whether we should log DMs or not in the activity log (as you noted, we don't currently). Thoughts?


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