moderated Re: Change "Moderated" hashtag new topics so only the replies are moderated #suggestion #bug



LOL. As long as it's inconsistent, I just think the documentation has to be very clear in the documentation. This behavior really came as a shock to me, so much so that I couldn't even believe it was happening. For example, the doc for "Locked" says the topic is "immediately locked." Which, of course, means that it's locked after the first message goes through. So for the others, I think it's important to state that the behavior attaches even to the first message in the topic. I never would have guessed in a zillion years that Moderated would apply even as the person creates the topic (or attempts to).

I would further make sure the documentation explains that it's not the hashtag itself (in all of those cases) that's moderated: it's the topic bearing the tag that's moderated.

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