moderated Re: Strip winmail.dat file from incoming group messages #suggestion


>>> Only other Outlook clients do anything with it.<<< ***

Though annoying, the .dat file serves one useful purpose if one knows/understands what happened, and could then #suggest (ie, “extend an invitation”) to the emailer to post the file thru the web or another email client. 

If it could be stripped then I #suggest a warning be added to notify that there “should have been” a real attachment with the message. 

*** #aside: I’m not sure that’s accurate.  If the original email is “misconfigured” as an RTF, my Outlook client still receives a useless .dat file.  My recollection is that I would receive the intended file on my AOL app, but garbage thru my Outlook PC. As least that’s my recollection?
Oh the dreaded .dat file!!!!

Ken K

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