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Ironically, I had to deal with a situation somewhat skin to Bruce's in one of my groups tonight. This particular group has four mods (including me, the owner) and a couple of them are difficult egos. It's a group for my home block, and there are lot of HUGE egos in it, and I can't do much about the other mods because of the politics of the block, so I let them remain mods. So tonight I locked a very problematic topic (I seldom resort to locking topics in this group, but it was a volatile and escalating situation) but two of the mods kept posting in it! I was like, "Oh, NOW I get what Bruce was talking about!" It's a whole different kettle of fish from my cats group, which I basically control with an iron fist. I can't do that with my egomaniacal neighbors. Fortunately, in the nick of time I remembered my workaround and put the topic on moderation as well, knowing that their posts would then have to go by me. This felt very esoteric and I'll post about it in docs in the a.m. after checking to see whether this behavior is documented. ("Locked topics can be posted to by mods, but if the topic is also on moderation, their posts will be moderated.":-)

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