moderated Missing messages, and missing entries in the Activity Log #bug


A few weeks ago, I started working on a bug report about things that I was not finding in my group's Activity Log and/or in email messages to me as Moderator.  It was taking me some time to do that (while I had other things to do), and I didn't get around to finishing.  I was concerned about what seemed like a lack of data integrity in's servers.

Well I'm back.

Three hours ago, someone sent my group a message.  I received it in my email, and I know others must have, because one of my co-moderators replied to it.

Then I went to re-read the message at the web interface -- but the message isn't there!

Maybe author deleted it.  I checked the Activity Log.  No, there is o record that the author deleted it.  No record that anyone deleted it.

In fact, there is no record that the author SENT it either!  It's like it never existed!  What is going on?

I double-checked that the message had been sent to the whole group, and not just the moderators.  Yup, whole group.

I clicked the "View/Reply Online" link at the bottom of the message, which SHOULD bring me to just that one message online.  The result?  "Message Not Found"!  And the blue line that says "That message number does not exist. The message may have been deleted."

So if the logs say the author didn't delete it and the moderators didn't delete it, then where did it go?  It had a message number.  I didn't imagine it.  And how did the message get there in the first place if the author didn't send it, in the eyes of

Are the servers getting out of sync?  Is the database that supports our groups becoming corrupted?


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