moderated Re: Really lock a topic #suggestion


Bruce and all,

I checked this out a little more.

The description of "Locked" for a hashtag reads:
"Topics created with this hashtag will be locked immediately. "

 Yet the description of "Moderated" for a hashtag reads:

"Messages with this hashtag will be moderated." (It should read "Topics" rather than "Messages" but that's another issue.)

And indeed, that's what happens for Moderated, which I think is a design flaw. If Locked were made analogous, even the first message in the topic would not be postable becausew the topic is locked before it even begins.

I think Moderated should be changed to be analagous to Locked, namely, only *replies* to the original message are moderated. The first message should be able to go through without moderation. Depending on what transpires in this conversation, I may start a separate topic for this as a suggestion or bug. If that is fixed, my solution would actually be one.


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