moderated Re: App features needed to avoid Email use #suggestion

Glenn Glazer

Hear, hear!



On 10/30/2021 23:22, Dave Sergeant wrote:
I appreciate the app for those who want to use on their 
smartphones. But for many of us our computers are what we use to keep 
in touch with the rest of the world and primarily by email. I, and 
don't think I am alone, don't even have a smartphone. If there is an 
issue with spam and the like with some providers they should be 
addressed as such and there should never be a requirement to tell users 
how to access the service.


On 30 Oct 2021 at 20:29, Joe Keliher wrote:

I want to encourage our group members, especially Comcast email users,
to use the App, not email, to avoid similar problems in future.

PG&E Delenda Est

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