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On Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 02:02 PM, Christos Psarras wrote:


I'm not sure if you embedded those PNGs in your message through email or online, but it seems emailed 256-color/8-bit embeds retain their colorspace encoding but online embeds get upscaled to 16 million colors / 24-bit, so for online embedding that doesn't seem right and it would increase file size. [big snip ...]

I composed the message at the web site. I'll experiment with emailing images instead, sometime. I don't often do that because of minor incompatibilities between the HTML generated by KMail, my email client, and the HTML processor at the web site. These incompatibilities often cause rendering problems in the broadcast message. So I usually use the web site to compose new messages.

Thanks for the information about jpeg compression. That's interesting.
David Bryant
Canyon Lake, Texas

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