moderated Re: Change Email addy click vs Enter behavior #bug #misc



It's the same screen as you went into (main account - Login screen), but pressing Enter without doing anything, does nothing.  Whichever textbox (email address, password, or alias address) has to have the focus as if you're typing in it, and if you press Enter then, it will do whichever action (change email address, change pwd, or add an alias)

A. If you click on the alias box, don't type anything, and press Enter, nothing happens and the screen refreshes.

B. If you click on the password textbox, if you press enter it will go ahead and change the password (or give you an error if nothing is typed in it and you press Enter)

C. If you click on the email address textbox, if you press enter without typign anything, you get an error the "new" address is the same as the old one.  If you do type a different address and press Enter, it does the same thing as if clicking on the "Change Email" button except it will not display the confirmation dialog.



Christos, at what point (what screen, webpage, whatever) did this happen?

When I go to my account and the webpage where I can change my email address, there are many other choices on that page.  I would not expect that pressing Enter would select and activate only that one choice, or any choice for that matter.  I would not want a simple "Enter" key to accidentally activate an email change; I want it to require me to click that button.  But maybe I am not looking at the same webpage that you were.

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